Halo 5



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The story of Halo is about a Forerunner race that made rings to take out all life because or another race named the flood were invading planets and taking up life forms so the Forerunner activated the rings to take out but preserving and containing all other life forms. As that is said the Forerunner race went into extinction and the rings became dormant and an alien race called the convenient had proficies that ruled over all alien races as that said it was their religion to activate all rings and the humans who had opposed this were taken out (killed). An organization called UNITED NATION SPACE COMMAND (UNSC) Developed a super soldier serum and kidnapped children and used experimental drugs illegally on the children no one noticed because the kids were replaced with ill copies of them. The super soldiers that were made were not meant to fight the covenant they were made to fight terrorist. This were the soldier John 117 the master chief main character in the HALO franchise takes down an entire fleet destroying three rings with his AI named Cortana who was the most intelligent now Cortana has became a traitor to the UNSC and human race taking the forerunner AI and wanting extinction for all life.




Halo 2 is one of the most favorited game in Xbox history. Not only that but this game also gave people the introduction to Xbox Live this changing console gaming for ever.