Halo 5




Master Chief also known as John 117, is one of the greatest spartans known to the UNSC. Master Chief's story began with him as a child before the Spartan Program, John was said to be the luckiest spartan of them all Dr. Halsey gave John the choice of joining the Spartan Program by a coin flip. If John were to guess the coin right John wasn't going to the program, of course Dr. Halsey had lied to him after he had gotten every single guess right. Later John started training to become a soldier made friends this formed Blue Team. Chief in the beginning of the series people thought that chief had been the only spartan alive but the book's stated other wise. Chief is the main character of Halo this stating the story now revolves around him and his silence of a character.




Halo 2 is one of the most favorited game in Xbox history. Not only that but this game also gave people the introduction to Xbox Live this changing console gaming for ever.