Cy Young Award

The Cy Young Award was Commissioner Ford Frick's idea to honor the best pitcher in Major League Baseball In 1957 Warren Spahn became the first left-handed pitcher to receive the Cy Young Award. The award was originally given to the single best pitcher in the major leagues, but in 1967, after the retirement of Frick, the award was given to one pitcher in each league. The Cy Young Award was first introduced in 1956 by Commissioner of Baseball Ford C. Frick in honor of Hall of Fame pitcher Cy Young, who died in 1955.

The award would be given to pitchers only. The first recipient of the Cy Young Award was Don Newcombe of the Dodgers, and the most recent winners are Jake Arrieta, from the National League, and Dallas Keuchel, from the American League.In 1963, Sandy Koufax became the first pitcher to win the award in a unanimous vote; two years later he became the first multiple winner. In 1978, Gaylord Perry (age 40) became the oldest pitcher to receive the award, a record that stood until broken in 2004 by Roger Clemens (age 42). The youngest recipient was Dwight Gooden (age 20 in 1985). In 2012,R.A. Dickey became the first knuckleball pitcher to win the award.

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