The First Year Player Draft

Also known as Rule 4 or the first year player draft, meaning only High school, College or amateur baseball players can be selected. The first MLB draft was in 1965 and the Kansas City Athletics selected Rick Monday, an outfielder from Arizona State University. Teams pick players based off of the league's reversed standings, meaning the worst team gets the first draft pick. There are 50 rounds, each team has 1 pick per round unless they pass or receive a compensatory pick. To be eligible for the MLB draft you have to be a resident of the United states, a U.S. territory or Canada. You may not have signed a MLB contract prior. Only High school players who did not attend college can be drafted and if you attend college you must be 21 or a junior. MLB teams are not specifically drafting for their major league roster, they also have to draft to fill spots on their farm/Minor league teams. for example the Los Angeles Dodgers have 6 farm teams they have to draft for. Because teams can draft players out of high school, the players have an option to not sign, therefore the MLB has to have enough rounds for the team to secure drafted players.    

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