How I Met Your Mother


Barney Stinson


Barney Stinson is played by Neil Patrick Harris. He is overly dramatic, cunning, and a bit deceitful at times. He's highly competitive and profusely stubborn. Barney is a major player, always wears suits, and highly enjoys magic tricks. He lives by the "Bro Code". Despite the seemingly evil manner of his character, Barney Stinson is not all that. He wants to be liked and fears being alone. During his childhood, he was friendless and untalented. In early adulthood, the girl he loves and trusts cheats on him, and that changes his personality forever. Barney is a complex character who develops in the series to become so much more than he started off with.

Barney's Job: "P.L.E.A.S.E." This stands for Provide Legal Exculpation And Sign Everything. Doing this job, Barney is set up as the fall guy for his company. However, it is later revealed that Barney is working against his company for the federal government as revenge on his boss (who stole Barney's first girlfriend)

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