How I Met Your Mother


Lily Aldrin


Lily (played by Alyson Hannigan) starts out the show as Marshall's fiance but quickly conveys her own quirky personality. Lily loves to get what she wants (sometimes through manipulation) and is most often right about everything. She admits in the show that it's her best but most irritating trait. Although she is a bit of a blabbermouth, many confide in Lily because she gives great advice. She especially watches out for Ted and has even broken up with his girlfriends. Lily works as a kindergarten teacher and spends a lot of time painting. She eventually has two children with Marshall.

Lily's Addiction- Lily is a shopaholic. She buys things when she feels down. Lily has a closet full of once worn clothes and a box full of used up credit cards. This eventually leads to both Marshall and Lily making sacrifices to pay off the bill, but they push through it like the wonderful couple they are.

Marshall, Lily, and their son Marvin

























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