How I Met Your Mother


Marshall Eriksen


Marshall (played by Jason Segel) has been Ted’s best friend since they were roommates in college and that never changes. In the pilot episode, he proposes to Lily Aldrin and they later get married. He is always there to offer advice to Ted and sticks by his morals. Marshall is friendly, loving, goofy, and not afraid to be weird. He juggles different lawyer jobs before finally working his dream job at the NRDC. Marshall was raised in St. Claude, Minnesota and is very close to his family.

Marshall’s Obsession: From ghosts to the Loch Ness Monster, Marshall loves everything supernatural/paranormal. He has a special interest in Bigfoot or “Sasquatch” and owns many albums of information on this topic.

Marshall Eriksen holding a chart
Marshall Eriksen
Marshall Eriksen and his brothers