How I Met Your Mother


Robin and Ted


Ted and Robin's romance starts in the pilot episode and never truly ends until the finale. Their love story consists of strong feelings with different aspirations and bad timing. Ted first falls for Robin and ruins it by telling her he was in love with her on the first date. They become friends and stay that way for awhile. As Ted starts dating Victoria, Robin realizes she is in love with Ted and wants to be with him. The whole series is mostly like this, as they both face different partners and other challenges. Ted and Robin both end up marrying other people, but both of these end terribly. Six years after his wife's death, Ted shows up outside Robin's apartment and renews what they once had. While the ending may not be what either of them had planned, this story reveals how they get a second chance at a happy life with love.

Robin, Ted, and Barney in the pilot episode

Ted and Robin

Robin and Ted in the rain

























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