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Ted Mosby


Ted Mosby is the protagonist in HIMYM. His full name is Theodore Evelyn Mosby, and he narrates the whole story as a way of telling his kids how he met their mother. Ted on screen is played by Josh Radnor; the voice of Ted is Bob Saget. Ted first appears in the pilot episode as a 27 year old architect and decides to seek out a soulmate after seeing his best friend, Marshall Erikson, propose to Lily Aldrin. Ted is a hopeless romantic yet shortsighted. He’s a believer in destiny, but he has his annoying little quirks.

Ted’s Nicknames:  Teddy Boy, Teddy West-side, T-Dog, Schmosby, Professor Brosby, Architect of Destruction, Senor Tedifier, T-Mose, El Ganso con la Riñonera, Teddy Westchester, Lady Tedwina Slowsby, Teddy Bear

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