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Duke 2015-16

This year Duke basketball came of a HUGE previous season when they won the national championship. This season the highly touted blue devils started with a few tough losses. The lost to Kentucky 74-63 and then to the Utah Utes in OT 77-75. All Duke fans were worried about this years team because of the fact that we are considerably younger than last year and we don’t have a post-player as dynamic as Jahil Okafor. Duke then had 5 straight wins against no names teams that boosted our confidence. As a fan, I thought our losing was over and we made it over the hump, but I was wrong. The team lost 4 of the 5 next games to teams that include Clemson, Notre Dame, Syracuse, and Miami. Duke then proceeded to win three ACC conference games all against ranked opponents. Going into the big dance the Blue Devils are 22-9 overall and 11-7 in the toughest conferences in basketball the ACC. Team photo of the Duke Basketball Team