Throughout the many different types of electronics probably some of the most fun versions are about competition.  One competition is the First Lego League.  This is a robotics challenge that kids try to create a robot to complete specific world challenges.  Each challenge has three parts:  robot game, the project and core values. There are a wide range of challenges, for example nanotechnology, climate, assistance for disabled people, and transportation.  The kids learn life and career skills.  

Competitive programing is a mind competition that involves people programming code to solve a problem.  Many universities are sponsoring hackathons where groups of people get together and create code.

Dubai Drone Fest is a worldwide competition where people have to solve a big problem to solve and improve people’s lives using a drone or robot.  The prize for winning the competition is one million US dollars.  


After all who doesn't like making something race or destroy the other guys bot?