Smart Houses

Smart houses are houses that do basic tasks for the people who live in the house.  Smart houses mostly rely on computers that are programed to do the basic tasks.  Smart houses can: keep the house at a certain temperature, turn off lights if people aren’t at home, lower blinds, or special windows that regulate the darkness.

Smart House

One of the more common things are security systems. These can regulate from cameras to locking the house remotely.  Some homes have security systems that have a special code you need to put in, otherwise an alarm is sounded and 911 is called.

Smart appliances are normally found in smart homes. Smart appliances are designed to save energy, water, time, and space.  Some of these are appliances connect to your phone to send you messages when something is done or needs to be changed.  An example is a smart dryer that you tell to dry your clothes when you are away and it knows what temperature and for how long to dry your clothes that saves you money and time.



They have a mind of their own.