Radio Controlled/Drones


RC stands for radio controlled. RCs are UAVs or unmanned aerial vehicles.  RC is mostly used as scale models of cars, trucks, jeeps, planes, and helicopters. Inventors and hobbyist have a hand-held remote that controls the vehicle's’ movement. People buy them in hobby stores.  They are a lot of fun to play with.



Drones are a form of RC.  Drones fly, and have the capacity to go beyond the controller’s line of sight like going high into the air, far away, or around corners.  They can be controlled automatically through a computer program.  The military uses them for scouting. Bigger drones are used by park rangers to quell forest fires.  Lots of businesses use drones with GoPro cameras attached to take movies.  People are buying drones for recreational use.  The Federal Aviation Administration regulates drones, and individuals must register with the agency to operate a drone.



Flying and driving, it will be everywhere soon.