Caddy Apparel


A golf hat is a necessity for being a good caddy. It makes you look professional and it has many uses other than just that. A hat can be used as many things like a ball marker to make it more obvious where your golfer’s ball is on a hooked drive or to shield your eyes from the sun when watching your golfer hit a shot. A hat is very useful and you always want to make sure you bring one to the course.


A golf bib. A caddies best friend. Whether you want to carry the hot dog you got from the turn or the golf ball you found in the woods, a bib is good for almost everything. Most clubs will provide you with one, but if not spending 20 bucks on a bib will be one of the best purchases you have ever made.


Last but definitely not least, the all appreciated towel. A golf towel is vital for being a good caddy. A golfer will always notice when his clubs are sparkling or when he can see his reflection in his golf ball. Although these may seem like little things, a golfer will always notice these small details and it is one of the differences between a good caddy and a great caddy.