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Centuries ago, strength was better than knowledge. It wasn’t until the educated became more powerful then warlords, and ruled over their own kingdoms and territories.

Why the history lesson? The young human mind is constantly changing, finding out how to adapt, how to survive. Education in this day and age is all the rage. Everyone wants to know everything. They want to go to college, become an acedemic, and get a degree. They think that it will make them more successful, more likely to succeed.

And I agree, it does raise your chances. But the outcomes are not always the same. Just getting a degree is not what makes you successful.

Many people are flocking to colleges, and its becoming the new social norm to go and become a working adult. But its not that easy. Read more about my thoughts on college here.

I'm sure many people who have gone to college and not gotten a job will tell you that sometimes it doesn’t matter how many things you know. There are many other factors involved, and it's up to you to fufill them all.

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