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The teenage years are the period of adolescence, when your body sexually matures. This is the period when many think you truly become rude and angry and make bad choices. But that is only a misconception. The time when a child become an adult is the period when they are 10-12. This period is when their brain can take on complex concepts, and children will try to find their own family away from home with the friends their age.

But the friends they make are not always willing to make their own group with them. They are also undergoing their own changes, and this is when people can start to get nasty. People who don’t deal well with their changes might react violently or rudely to others.

This gives all the other kids that see this that they have to change so they aren’t going to get bullied by the kids that are the bullies. Everyone is influenced to act in a way that benefits them.

angry parents with sad child

People who have matured are already past this. They will know for the most part, how a teenager feels when they go into puberty, but many choose to ignore their past, because it isn’t pleasant for anyone. As teenagers, they were rude, they had acne, they were insecure and unsure of who or what they would become.

Everyone goes through this process differently, so it has different results depending on the person and what obstacles they faced.

The people around you are varied and diverse because of this reason. The possibilities for someone to face a different trial that yourself at the age is astronomically in their favor. The mix of ideas, environments, and cultures in everybody's life make us the human race of today where no two people are alike.