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The Young Psyche

The human mind is intricate and complex. Some days, it’s our worst enemy, while other days, it’s our greatest asset. Either way, we wouldn’t be complete without it, and it is undoubtably a staple part of how the human race has shaped the world of today.

This website explores the psyche of how people think and how those at the peak of development, namely teenagers, are affected by these variables.

I’ll say it now. The writer of this website is no fan of psychology. While they do find it interesting, they also find it very flawed. Psychology is a mix of science and subjective thought, and no matter all the degrees it gets you, it is a science based on using one person's mind to understand another. And we’re not telepathic.

So go click another box to see how I view the psychology of teenagers and how the world works for them.



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