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High school is known to have it’s groups of people. The popular kids, the jocks, the nerds. There are even people put into niches by race or socioeconomic status. These groups are just seen as the cliches of high school life, which causes people to ignore how they are treated.

People victimize these groups, and make anyone associated with them inferior. Once the opinion is formed, its hard to change how people view it. The victimized now have these steryotypes weighing on them, and causes them to perform worse in school. This snowballs into a much bigger problem. When people in such groups believe that no one likes them, or that they are doomed to fail, they will have a self-fulfilling prophesy. A self-fufilling prophesy is when you believe something about yourself, and that belief makes it true. This is what's happening in these groups. These kids are failing themselves, because of other people labeling them.

This effect was proved in a study done by F. Baumeister in 2002 that tested people who were affected by feelings of loneliness, who had far lower IQ scores than the control group of people who had similar IQ. People who consider themselves lonely consider themselves inferior to those who are not.

The act of putting people in boxes without their consent does not foster learning and a healthy life. It only ruins it.

pieces of paper with clique names on them