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Help A Child

haiti kids

This is a class project. I am a student. I someday hope to create this organization. Enjoy my site. Click here to see my references.

Help A Child was created to help children from all of the world. We build orphanages, restore cities/towns and help the children. We give donations and take trips to visit children all over the world: Haiti, Africa, South America, Mexico, India. Children are meant to experience love, everyone should feel love. Some children have never experienced a true level of love, because of their background or circumstances. We come and show them love.

Around 15 million (21%) children in the U.S live in poverty. Research shows that families need an income of about twice that level to live. Most of the parents work, have low wages and their job is unstable. Poverty affects a child's ability to learn and can cause social,emotional and behavioral problems. Poor health and mental health could also result from poverty.