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Drones: A Bird's Eye View

Today drones have become as common as bad calls in football, and have become so widespread that they apply to almost every job task. Not only this, but they have become a sport! In fact, ESPN now has a section dedicated to drone racing (which is really cool). This website will help you understand the A's to the Z's of the drone world.

What Are Drones?

Drone is the common name for an Unmaned Air Vehicle, or UAV. The UAV is used universally, for things from delivering mail to catching other drones, but easily the most common usage is for photography.

A UAV will generally be produced for its usage, so you won't find a bulky drone with a 4k camera being used for racing, or a military UAV being flown indoors by a 9 year-old, since every type of drone is specified to it's purpose so you can get the best performance for whatever you are doing.

An animation of a drone with smaller drones flying past

Types Of Drones

Drones are designed for many purposes to allow the user to get the best quality of what they are using it for. The four main drone styles are:

  1. Racing Drones. Small, lightweight drones used for, as the name inplies, racing.
  2. Photography Drones. Drones hooked up with a sturdy frame and a high quality camera, photography drones are used for recording whatever the user can imagine.
  3. Military Drones. These will generally be set up with fixed wings, and, depending on the use, either weapons or mapping cameras.
  4. Recreational Drones. These are drones that aren't set up for speed, picture quality or distance flights and weapons, but are built only to provide entertainment on a rainy day, or any day you feel like flying a drone.

This website will inform you on the differences of every type, as well as the other things associated with them.

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