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Types Of Drones

Since drones have such differing uses and styles that they have to be made differently so they can be used for their specific purpose. There are so many uses for drones, but I am only going to include their four main uses,

The Four Main Purposes

1. Racing Drones:

Examples of racing drones

These drones will be built for speed and agility, so they will be equiped with small frames and generally no covers.


2. Photography Drones:The DJI Inspire

These drones will have sturdy frames and high quality cameras for filming whatever your heart desires.


3. Military Drones:

A picture showing multiple military drones

Usally fixed winged, these drones are used for jobs from surveillance to taking out specific targets.


4. Recreational Drones

The Propel Atom

These small drones will generally resemble photography drones, but without a lot of the ability to film.