Cleaning Your Ford Truck

After years of detailing cars, I have learned many do's and dont's when it comes to keeping them clean. Certain cleaning products are good for certain materials. There are also many cleaning products that are cheaper knockoffs that are a waste of money and time. Only treat your Ford with well reviewed, name brand products. Recommended Brands: Windex Armour All Mothers Megquires Turtle Wax Dawn Windex is a great product and should be used approximately once a month or more depending on how smudgy your windows might get. You want to spray the window 2 or 3 times on both the inside and outside. Then, quickly begin smearing and rubbing in the Windex in circles with a paper towel. Finish off your window by using a dry paper towel and rubbing in circles to dry it off. Armour all is the best of the best. This stuff will leave the inside plastic pieces of your truck looking shiny for weeks. Fill any spray bottle halfway up with armour all and fill the rest of the bottle with hot water. Shake up the bottle, spray mix on interior plastic pieces, then wipe clean with a paper towel. You can also repeat the same process on your tires and rub it in with a rag. It may take a few tries to get your tires to shine depending on how muddy and dirty they are. Waxing your Ford truck will make your paint shine the best for weeks but only if you use the right stuff. Turtle Wax and Mothers are by far the best treatment you can give your paint. If you are looking for the best and longest shine, then you want to use their traditional wax with an electric orbital buffer. You can purchase a decent orbital buffer from your local Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, and most hardware stores for 20$ - 40$. You can also go the quicker and easier route by using Mothers spray wax. As far as wheels go, it's important to clean them regularly. Many people don't do this and the brake dust eventually eats the chrome or aluminum surface away. This exposes the metal in your wheels to rust and corrosion. I typically clean my wheels every 2 weeks with Megquire's premium wheel cleaner. This cleaner is powerful enough to go through any amount of brake dust buildup and make your wheels shine like new as long as your truck's wheel surface hasn't rusted or corroded away. The best way to clean trucks is by bucket-washing to get all the mud off that your truck tires kick up. When I clean my truck, I always use Dawn dish soap in a 5 gallon bucket full of water. Dawn is very powerful and affordable. Dip an old rag in the bucket and start scrubbing!