Make Your Ford Truck Scream

If you want your Ford truck to sound mean and gain easy horsepower, then you need to modify your exhaust system. There are different ways of going about this and each comes with their own ups and downs. Your first option is a catback exhaust system. This means you are keeping your catalytic converters and putting a lower restriction muffler in place of your stock muffler. This system is the most common because your catalytic converters help your gas mileage and they do keep the sound muffled a lot more than an open downpipe. So if you want your exhaust to be throaty but not loud, you want a catback exhaust system. You can find these for most cars on websites like amazon, flowmaster, magnaflow, thrush, gibson, and more. I believe the best way to do it is a catless exhaust system or a straight pipe. Catless systems are louder than a catback but still quieter and sometimes better toned then a straight pipe. For catless systems, you would want to cut off the catalytic converters and replace them with pipe and then install your performance muffler with your tail pipe system. Catless systems sound best on gas engines. This setup will give you the most power in a gas truck and make you more noticeable for sure. The only downside of this set up is your gas milage will decrease. If you have a diesel, the best thing I can recommend for your truck would be a straight pipe. Straight pipes will have the best tone, give the most power, and roll the most coal! Diesel engines need to exhale more than air than gasoline engines because of their high compression. Straight pipes give the least restriction to the exhaust gases letting that diesel engine push them out quicker. The thing you do need to be careful of is the laws in your state. However, there are ways around them. The law in the state of Ohio, for example, states that every vehicle must have a catalytic converter but is not required to have a muffler. Some other states may require both or maybe neither. Some states also require an emissions test every year. If your truck fails the emissions test, you will not be able to buy registration for the year until you fix whats causing you to fail, retake the test, and pass. What you could do is keep your old exhaust and have it fabricated to be removable easily so you can bolt it on when it's time for that emissions test. If you are not required to take an e-test but you are still required to have a muffler or catalytic converter, you can gut these parts by basically cutting the insides out of them and reinstalling them. This way, your truck can have the noise you want but if a police officer pulls you over suspecting an illegal exhaust, the Ford truck will appear to have a legal exhaust. Police will not be able to see inside the mufflers or catalytic converters to see what you have done.