Jacking Up Your Ford Truck

Ford trucks always look better lifted. Depending on which ford truck you have, certain lift kits may look better than others. You can typically choose between a body or suspension lift. Body lifts, I would advise against anything more than 2 inches due to safety and attractiveness. If you have the money, get a suspension lift. They are far safer, better looking, and better handling. If you don't have the money, it's worth just saving up for. Body lifts are a rubber spacer between the body of your ford truck and the frame. These spacers take the place of the original body bushings that are about an inch tall. Body lifts can be hundreds of dollars cheaper but will never look as good. When you lift the body on a ford truck, the front and rear bumper do not get lifted with the body, so this creates a large and unattractive gap between the top of the bumper and the bottom of the body. Suspension lifts are a far better idea. A suspension lift typically consists of taller shocks and taller coil or leaf springs. Shorter suspension lift kits, you can get away with using spacers and placing them under your springs. This route, however, is not a good idea for any lift over 3 inches, as it will begin to interfere with safety.