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GEARING (it may not help that much, but it still is good information for the players)

"Once you hit level 70, the source of end-game gear will be Command Crates from Galactic Command. Most activities in the game will earn Command Experience Points (CXP), which will earn you Command Ranks. Each time your Command Rank increases, you earn a Command Crate. The higher your Command Rank, the better gear that will drop from your Command Crates. The highest difficulty Operations and Uprisings, along with Ranked Warzones are intended to be the fastest ways to earn CXP. This means they are the fastest way to get the best gear. Both PvP and PvE gear will come from Command Crates. Their gear is now shared as Expertise is being removed. Gear will no longer drop from bosses as all gear will come from Command Crates. All cosmetic/unique drops will still remain on those bosses (Stronghold Decorations, Wings of the Architect, etc.). Players will be able to craft comparable item level gear without set bonuses. That should cover most of the basic changes coming to itemization in KOTET." - Eric Musco.

  • At the maximum Command Rank, you do NOT have a limit to your ability to receive Command Crates. Something you should keep in mind though, is that there is a limit to how much stuff you can have in your Command Stash, and to solve this, you can destroy some items in the stash for more CXP, transfer some items into your inventory, and/or pay Cartel Coins or Credits to increase your maximum space in the Command Stash.