The USSR was the first communist nation, (, meaning it practiced in the antithesis of capitalism. Instead of supply and demand economics with Laissez Faire practices, (,  it made the government have full control over the distribution of goods and the creation of them. This led to a nation like the US to distrust and dislike communism due to the lack of freedom that comes with free enterprise. Also due to the teachings of it for instance, that killing millions of their own people is okay if the nation is powerful because of it. This made Americans during the Cold War and even now in some cases hate communist ideas and communists themselves. As I digress, the ideas of the communist economy were completely different from the results. Instead of creating a workers utopia, they instead created a relatively small party of high ranking Communist officials that controlled the nation's power. Leading economic decisions to either be very beneficial, or downright awful and cause the deaths of millions due to starvation and dictatorship. However, there was really never a president  in the US. Instead as I previously stated, it was governed by a the Communist Party. But the General Secretariat, (, was most commonly identified as the head honcho. In Stalin’s case it was practically a dictatorship since he killed anyone who opposed him and brainwashed the others. But the Supreme Soviet, (, still had power and say, if the members lived long enough. I digress, in Gorbachev’s case, he was the first president of the Union, (and its last). He was brutally honest to the Soviet people and other members of the Council Of Ministers, (, that communism only hurt the nation's wealth and has brought nothing but pain and suffering to the Soviet people. And as Reagan once said, “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” (!), he did exactly that figuratively and literally. He figuratively tore down the wall by breaking the already weak Soviet Union and tore it away from its communist ideas, teachings, and economic practices. And now Russia, is a capitalist country that is starting to become a powerhouse once more, (, and has one of the most influential leaders of today. AKA Vladimir Putin, (

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