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About Me: Hello! My name is Molly Buzek, and I have a deep attachment to the sport of basketball. I have been playing ever since I was a kid. Starting in third grade and playing AAU all the way through High school. I took my game to the next level, and committed to play in college. My goal is to get more people to follow the sport, and maybe even play for a team!


Depending on where you live, there are multiple basketball clubs you can be apart of. Whether it’s intramural or Club teams you can find one based on your best fit. AAU, or Amatuer Athletic Union was created to really improve anyone's athletic ability in a sport. It was founded in 1888, and is still thriving to this day. They play fast paced games and strive to make you a better athlete.

Intramural sports on the other hand are a little toned down, and more relaxed. There are thousands of teams, and many different sports to join. Most people join intramural sports in college to stay active, while not playing for the schools team. After college there are also many teams to join, and many adults play if they are not that serious in the sport.