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About Me: Hello! My name is Molly Buzek, and I have a deep attachment to the sport of basketball. I have been playing ever since I was a kid. Starting in third grade and playing AAU all the way through High school. I took my game to the next level, and committed to play in college. My goal is to get more people to follow the sport, and maybe even play for a team!


The famous sport originated in Springfield Massachusetts, in 1892. It was created by a man named Dr. James Naismith. He thought of something the kids at the YMCA could do over the winter months. The sport started out with him taking two peach baskets and nailing them to a wall. The original rules he created made it so you do not dribble the ball. Clearly many rules have changed over time, but surprisingly many have also stayed the same.

The very first game was held on January 20th 1892. The teams consisted of 18 players, or nine to a team. Since Naismith or the YMCA didn’t have the money to design a new ball, they used a soccer ball. They played for 30 minutes, and the score was 0-0.  Halfway though the game however William R. Chase made the ball go into the peach basket, and thus became the first player to ever score in a basketball game. It was during this game that made someone think to call it basketball.

Over the years the game got more and more publicity. After a while almost all YMCA’s had basketball leagues forming. And since then the game has grown and gotten a huge following.


Creator of Basketball