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About Me: Hello! My name is Molly Buzek, and I have a deep attachment to the sport of basketball. I have been playing ever since I was a kid. Starting in third grade and playing AAU all the way through High school. I took my game to the next level, and committed to play in college. My goal is to get more people to follow the sport, and maybe even play for a team!


Team USA thrives in the olympics every four years, and has the most medals out of every country with a team. They are the powerhouse, and top competitor in the game. The team consists of extremely talented young men who are good examples on and off the court. The 2016 Team USA Roster is consisted of:

-Carmelo Anthony

Team USA

NBA Team: New York Knicks

School:Syracuse University

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

-Paul George

NBA Team:Indiana Pacers

School: Fresno State University

Hometown:Palmdale, CA

-Harrison Barnes

NBA Team: Dallas Mavericks

School:University of North Carolina

Hometown: Ames, IA

-Jimmy Butler

NBA Team:Chicago Bulls

School:Marquette University

Hometown: Houston, TX

-DeMarcus Cousins

NBA Team: Sacramento Kings

School:University of Kentucky

Hometown:Mobile, AL

-DeMar DeRozan

NBA Team:Toronto Raptors

School:University of Southern California

Hometown:Compton, CA

-Kevin Durant

NBA Team:Golden State Warriors

School:University of Texas

Hometown:Washington, DC

- Draymond Green

NBA Team:Golden State Warriors

School:Michigan State University

Hometown:Saginaw, MI

-Kyrie Irving

NBA Team:Cleveland Cavaliers

School:Duke University

Hometown:West Orange, NJ

-DeAndre Jordan

NBA Team:Los Angeles Clippers

School:Texas A&M University

Hometown:Houston, TX

-Kyle Lowry

Team:Toronto Raptors


Hometown:Philadelphia, PA

-Klay Thompson

NBA Team:Golden State Warriors

School:Washington State University

Hometown:Los Angeles, CA