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About Me: Hello! My name is Molly Buzek, and I have a deep attachment to the sport of basketball. I have been playing ever since I was a kid. Starting in third grade and playing AAU all the way through High school. I took my game to the next level, and committed to play in college. My goal is to get more people to follow the sport, and maybe even play for a team!


After getting a brief understanding of offense and defence, it's time to create and run plays!  In basketball there are over hundreds of possible plays. Almost all teams run different plays, but some copy from other teams.

Versus man-to-man defenses- First your point guard should start with the ball at the op of the key. Our point guard (O1) is always the first option in that break. So every trip up the floor, O1 is always looking for a chance to find an opening around the defense or dribble-penetrate the right top seam for a lay-up, or a pull-up jump-shot. You can name plays after anything you want. But always consider it as a good first option every trip down the floor. But you could call it as a separate play.

Play for your 3-point shooter: This play is a simple pick and roll play for your shooting guard, but we use the posts twice, instead of just once, as oftentimes the initial pick is well-defended. One post comes up top to ball-screen for the point guard, to run the pick and roll play. Meanwhile, the other post down-screens for the shooting guard, just to occupy their defenders. Your second shooting guard is in the right corner for a possible kick-out pass and 3-point shot.