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About Me: Hello! My name is Molly Buzek, and I have a deep attachment to the sport of basketball. I have been playing ever since I was a kid. Starting in third grade and playing AAU all the way through High school. I took my game to the next level, and committed to play in college. My goal is to get more people to follow the sport, and maybe even play for a team!


Getting in shape for the upcoming season is a very important thing to do with your team. Basketball consists of a lot of continuous running and even sprinting. Below will inform you on some workouts many teams and leagues do all over just to prepare.

Warm up: Every athlete must start with a warm up before their workout to prevent any injuries. It’s a proven fact that warming up gradually warms up your cardiovascular system, it also increases blood flow to your muscles.

Workout: Start with basic dribbling skills including 30 low dribbles on your right hand and 30 on your left. Then do stationary crossovers into swinging the ball in front of you and pulling it back. Then you can get  dribbling through the legs and behind the back. Once you get your hands warmed up, you can start with layups and shooting. Work on each for about thirty minutes, then end on defence drills. Depending on the day you can take your players to the gym and have them do weights and cardio. You don’t want them to tear an ACL, so do a lot of drills to strengthen knees and shoulders.