Who will win the Kia NBA MVP

What is the NBA MVP Award?

The NBA MVP race is the competition for the MVP award in the National Basketball Association. This year (2016-2017 NBA season) the race has primarily been dominated by four outstanding players. These include: Kawhi “The Klaw” Leonard, of the San Antonio Spurs; Lebron “King” James, of the former champion Cleveland Cavaliers; Russell “Brodie” Westbrook of the Oklahoma City Thunder; and lastly, James “The Beard” Harden, of the Houston Rockets. This award is given the the “Most Valuable Player” of the NBA. This has many different interpretations. Some think it is where it should be who would negatively affect their team the most had they not been there. Some believe it should be given to simply the best player on the best team. Others think that it should only be about stats. Fortunately, this dispute is not for us to decide. It is up to the committee. This site is to show you the potential facts why an athlete may be chosen.

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