Our Mascot

Chauncey The Chanticleer

(Pronounced SHON-ti-clear). The Chanticleer is a rooster who rules the barnyard from Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. Specifically the Nun's Priest Tale. Coastal Carolina's official athletic website says the best way to describe the animal is to use Chaucer's own words. "His comb was redder than fine coral and turreted like a castle wall, his bill was black and shone like a jet, and his legs and toes were like azure. His nails were whiter than the lily and his feathers were like burnished gold."

History of Chauncey's Creation

Making of the Mascot

The idea of Chauncey came about in the 1960's when students and an English professor thought of an new mascot idea. Before the Chanticleer, Coastal Carolina had their teams known as the Trojans. Many people thought the mascot should be related better to the USC Gamecock (because USC used Coastal as a two-year branch off of the USC campus). Coastal Carolina decided to keep the Chanticleer even after the campuses split apart.


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