Bed Caps and Toppers

Bed toppers caps are a very effective way of turning the bed of your truck into a perfectly dry and secure area for your tools. People also use bed toppers as a camper. They put on the bed topper and lay down a mattress, and they are pretty much prepared for anything. There are essentially two different types of bed covers: there are the ones that fit almost flush with the bed rails (tonneau covers) and there are ones that go up to to the top of the cab (toppers). The tonneau covers can be made of several different kind of materials. Vinyls covers can be around $300 and aluminum covers that retract with a motor can run up to about $2500. Bed toppers are pretty much all around the $1000-$2000. Bed toppers are typically used for commercial use, or people that plan to live in the bed of their trucks. Tonneau covers are typically used by the people that use their truck as a daily driver. Homeowners typically buy these because they are more affordable and keep things decently dry.

Fold Up $300
Alumminum $2000-$3000
Fiberglass Toppers $1500-$2000
Aluminum Toppers $1000-$1500





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