Diesel Vs. Gas

Diesel and Gasoline powered engines both have their advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of having a diesel powered truck is the efficiency.
Diesel powered motors have proven time and time again that they burn less fuel. Diesel engines use the heat they create and turn it into usable energy they use to burn fuels, therefore more efficient. Another benefit of having a diesel powered truck is the torque and power. Diesel motors may not be the fastest machines out there, but they can pull just about anything you put in its way. One more benefit of driving a diesel powered truck is the longevity. When maintained properly a diesel engine can last over 600,000 miles and some of them go over 1,000,000 miles.

Even with all these benefits of diesel engines there are still good things about gasoline powered engines. The first thing is affordability. In all departments gasoline powered engines are cheaper. Gasoline is cheaper, motor oil is cheaper, parts and working on them are cheaper, and the truck or car itself is cheaper. Also gasoline powered engines are much faster.

If you are looking for something that can tow thousands of pounds day in and day out, diesel is the way to go. If you are just looking for a truck that you are daily driving around town and just drive to school or work, then gasoline powered motors will be all you need.



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