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Cincinnati Reds Logo

The Reds logo has changed a lot over the years. The logo started out as a fancy looking C then eventually turned into a more round looking C. The way that the C looked changed a lot and the shape and size of it was changed around from 1890-1912. Then in 1913 the word Reds was added inside of the C until 1952. Then in 1953, Mr. Red was created. It was a man in a baseball uniform with a large baseball head. That was the logo until 1967. Then they combined the C and Mr. Red to form the logo from 1968 until 1992. Then in 1993 it was decided that the logo should be switched back to a C but with a red background and the word Reds was printed inside of it. Then ever since 1993 the backgrounds and colors have changed a little bit to from what the logo is today.