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Cincinnati Reds Uniforms

From 1961-1992 the jersey was a nameless jersey with only a red number on the back. The pants and jerseys were white with red pinstripes, and the jerseys had red sleeves and all of the details had black outlining. They wore red belts and with a white hat with red pinstripes and a red bill. On the front of the jerseys there was the reds logo and their number.  Then from 1993-1998, they dropped the black outlining and added names on the back and the logo on the sleeve. The color of the red was also turned into a brighter color. Then in 1999 all they did was take away the logo on the sleeve and replace the hate with a red one with a black bill. Then form 2000-2003, they changed the sleeves to black and made the socks all red instead of white and red. Also they started to wear a black belt. Then from 2004-2006 the uniform was changed to the way it was in 1999. Then finally in 2007 they dropped the red pinstripe and when all white with one singular line down the side of their pants. The hat was also changed to all red. The stitching on the uniforms by the buttons and the sleeves were red. This is what they currently wear.