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There are a lot of genres of books. On this website, I will be focusing on my four favorites: Realistic Fiction, Fantasy, Science Fiction(Sci-Fi), and Dystopian.

Realistic Fiction books are generally very real and down to earth. They reflect the situations and challenges of the real world. Some of my favorite Realistic Fiction authors are John Green and Markus Zusak.

Fantasy books are normally nothing like the real world. They tell stories about fairies, princesses, dragons, dwarves, and much more. Most of the time, the focal point of the novel is magic or relating to magic. One of my favorite Fantasy authors is J.R.R. Tolkien.

Science Fiction books(also known as Sci-Fi) are most commonly themed around technology, for example robots or computers. A few of my favorite Sci-Fi authors are Pittacus Lore and James Dashner.

Dystopian books are novels about futuristic societies. The definition of the word dystopia is a society that was once believed to be perfect that has turned into a corrupt and terrible society. Most of these books' main characters are teenagers in order to appeal to the pre-teen to young adult age group. A couple of my favorite Dystopian authors are Veronica Roth, Rick Yancey, and Suzanne Collins.

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