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My Portfolio

- Rhys Blackmore -


The Gallery showcases of all my finished artwork, including both digital and traditional pieces. If you would like to only view traditional or digital pieces seperately, click the sub categories.

- Digital - Traditional -


My name is Rhys Blackmore, and this is my online portfolio for showing my artwork.

I will be using this site as an online platform to share my digital and traditional art. I will also have sketches, future projects I plan to work on, and more. You cannot currently contact me or access the store. However on the Store page, you can get a general idea of what prices would look like if it was open.

The gallery is split up into 3 parts; digital art, traditional art, and sketches. They are all pretty self explanatory. On the "Materials + Programs" page, you can find various information on the type of equipment and programs I use to make digital art, as well as some mediums that I like to use for traditional art. There are also links under each material or program to where you can find or purchase them.

Contact Me


Below is my real commission page that I give out. However, I have blurred out my contact information for security reasons. Therefore, it is just an image to get a feel for what the actual thing would look like.

Commission page with prices and examples

Materials & Programs

Here is a list of the main materials and programs I use when making my digital art, as well as a description of each and why I use them:

  1. Wacom Cintiq 13HD
  2. Adobe Photoshop CC 2017
  3. Manga Studio 5

Wacom Cintiq 13HD

Wacom is an Australian company that makes interactive pen tablets or displays for digital artists. The Wacom Cintiq 13HD is a pen display that simulates drawing on paper, but on the computer and using programs such as Photoshop for the different brushes. You draw directly onto the screen with a special stylus, that transfers the motion and pressure onto those programs, allowing you to draw freely, as you would with paper, while also having the benefits of the various tools in the drawing program.

Currently, the Wacom Pen Display Tablets, like the Cintiq, require a wired connection to a PC or laptop. However, newer models have recently been released called, "The Wacom Mobile Studio", which is an independent tablet like an iPad, only much stronger and meant for drawing.

The Wacom Cintiq 13HD itself costs around 1000 USD, however prices could be lower on sites like Amazon or Ebay.

Adobe Photoshop CC 2017

Photoshop CC 2017 is one of Adobe's many art programs. Others include Illustrator, Lightroom, and Flash. Photoshop focuses on photo manipulation, however it can be used for many other things, such as drawing, or painting. It's a professional program, therefore it costs about 15 USD a month. Which is not that bad if you compare it to the original buyout price.

Manga Studio 5

Manga Studio 5, also known as Clip Paint Studio, is an art program designed similarly to Photoshop. However, this program is ideal, and arguably meant for drawing, sketching, and inking. The program consists of a huge selection of brush presets, along with the thousands more available and created by other users online. This is my first choice when it comes to digital illustration.

The program itself costs 50 USD, however, it also goes on sale quite often where you can get it for cheaper.

Below are links that will take you to the site where I got my custom brushes and presets.

My Projects

These are my current projects that I am working on

  1. Personal Project 1: Graphic Novel
  2. School Projects

As of October 2016, I've been working on a graphic novel initiated and created by my brother. He is studying at the University of Toronto in order to become a writer, and to practice his writing, he created a story called Whimsy and Misery. He created the universe, the characters, and the dialogue. He asked me if I would illustrate it and turn it into a graphic novel to be released on (a free site to share comics and graphic novels). The following art is specifically for this project.

For my final school project, I had to create an african style mask. Firstly, we took 2 personality tests to determine the type of animal mask we would create. My traits were: Artistic, loyal, perserverance, and curiosity. My "Spirit Animal" was therefore... a wolf! I do not currently have any pictures of my finished mask, but click here to see my art teacher's site, where you may see the mask when its done.

animation of a pen moving across a screen